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We are passionate about how technology can transform learning.

But we know how hard it is to keep up with all the changes technology brings into our homes and our classrooms. Our online courses, books and face-to-face trainings are designed to help you thrive in the digital age.

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Microcredential: The 1:1 Teacher

Registration opens July 23, 2018!

Cohort starts September 10, 2018

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Eduro Learning is a global team of educators, passionate about helping you transform learning. With over 80 years combined teaching experience, we focus on the pedagogy and the technology, because we believe it’s all about the learning, not just about the tools.


We are teachers helping teachers.

Our online courses, microcredentials and events provide relevant, engaging and practical professional development that you can implement immediately in your classroom.


We’ve seen the future. And we can help you get there.

Our customized partnerships involve all stakeholders in your school community, from students to parents to teachers and leaders.


We can help you understand your child’s digital life.

Our online courses are specifically designed for you, featuring the very best resources to help you and your children make good choices in a rapidly changing world.

Go behind the scenes in this mini-documentary to see what it’s like to partner with
Eduro Learning in school-based professional development.

Are you looking for customized professional development designed just for you?

Take a look at our personalized mentorship microcredential programs for coaches and teachers!

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A Practical Guide
for Teachers

“This was a great read and was full of very useful information for any teacher about how to build a connected classroom. It’s definitely excellent value for money.”

Maggie Hos-McGrane
December 2017

Featured digital download for teachers


Our quick-start guide,
 with practical, relevant and easy-to-read content!

featured course FOR TEACHERS

Coding and Design

Explore a variety of ways of thinking about complex problems and their solutions so that you can create an impact project for students that incorporates elements of design thinking and/or app design practices.

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Thank you for understanding that we are all at different levels, with different preconceptions, abilities, and ages. We are coming from so many different places, and when you listen to one of us, the effort you put forth to us, that spreads.

Marysville School District Teacher, 2016


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FEATURED COURSE for administrators

Leading The Digital Shift: Technology for Leaders

Examine ways to get your teachers and staff on board as you all learn meaningful and purposeful ways to integrate technology in order to make a real impact on learning.

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You can use this downloadable eBook as a guideline if you’re working towards 1:1 now, or as an evaluation framework in established 1:1 schools.

“Eduro Learning is helping us reach our district goals by bringing us to the world’s stage. We are so interconnected and interdependent with the rest of humanity. Eduro helps us capitalize on this on behalf of our students and staff. We couldn’t be more satisfied, and challenged, by this incredible partnership.”

Dr. Becky Berg. Superintendent; Marysville School District


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Featured eBook for Parents

Top 5 Concerns in a Digital World

Featured eBook (PDF) for Parents

We are living in a technology-rich world. The way we connect, collaborate, communicate and share seems to be constantly changing, and becoming more and more ingrained in our lives. As parents, we can see our children using new apps on a regular basis and it can feel overwhelming to even try to keep up with it all. Each chapter of this e-book addresses one concern and includes many tips, strategies, and resources, specifically curated to help you manage those challenges. 

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10 easy and effective strategies & tips to help you and your family manage screen time.

Featured course FOR PARENTS

Social Media and Your Child

From Snapchat to Instagram, how, what and why are kids sharing online?

We know that our children are spending many hours online, connecting, sharing

and communicating with others. What tools are they using? Who are they connecting with?

What kind of experience are they having in these social spaces, and why are they so compelling?

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“These courses have been extremely helpful. I am so much better informed about technology. They were not what I expected as my thoughts were ‘old school’. I must learn to dabble and now I have the skills to learn more about technology as it changes.”

Anna, Parent of 8 year old & 11 year old.