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We have two YouTube Series channels dedicated to all things coaching! Featuring Instructional Coaches from all around the world!

We have conveniently curated all our The Coach blog posts right here for you!

Are you in an instructional coaching role? Just starting out as an instruction coach? We have many digital downloads to help & support you!

We have an extensive range of online courses (from 3-5 hours of PD to an academic-year-long mentorship program) covering a variety of instructional coaching topics!

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As instructional coaches, we are always looking for ways to have deep conversations about learning with our teachers.

In this FREE digital download we share three pathways that may lead to more thoughtful coaching conversations.

Not every strategy works for every teacher or school community, so as coaches, we need a coaching toolkit that you can tap into based on the circumstances you find yourself in on a day-to-day basis.

In this FREE 8-page digital download you will find our top five strategies for your coaching toolkit!



Our network of experienced instructional coaches from schools around the world share their thoughts, ideas, tips and best practice strategies. So many nuggets of inspiration can be found in this informative YouTube Series.

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In this YouTube Series, our coach microcredential (premium) mentor, Kim, delves deeper into each of her Top 5 Strategies For Your Coaching Toolkit as she shares her favorite tips with you!

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Coaching Fundamentals 2: Coaching Conversations

I talked with 12 rockstar instructional coaches from around the world to get their perspective on different coaching topics like defining the role of a coach and their best strategies in a coaching conversation. I’ve been an instructional coach around the world for...

You Are What You Do

Originally posted on For many tech coaches, our job descriptions are not clearly defined within our schools. We may have great external resources, like the ISTE Standards for Coaches or their whitepaper on coaching (and of course all of the awesome...

How to Have an Effective Coaching Conversation

This week, we’re answering a question that many new coaches have - how do you have an effective coaching conversation? More importantly, how do you make sure the conversation goes the way you want, where the teacher feels supported and you’re getting an outcome of...

Celebrate Success

This week, we’re discussing the final strategy for your coaching toolkit, celebrate success!   One of the most important aspects to the coaching role is to be the cheerleader for all of the fantastic work that is happening in your school community. There are many...

Start Small

This week, we’re discussing the fourth strategy for your coaching toolkit, start small!   When coaching is new to a school culture, it makes sense to start small by collecting resources that support student learning. As a coach, you can take the time to find...

In this 8+ page digital download we explore “walking the tightrope” of weaving between coaching light and coaching heavy and share 8 tips practical & relevant to help move towards deeper conversations with your colleagues.

Jam-packed with practical, relevant and easy-to-read content this digital download is an excellent guide for new-to-coaching teachers or as a handy resource for experienced coaches looking to add to their toolbox of strategies.

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Intended to take approximately one week, our courses can be completed at your own pace. Devote as much or as little time as you have. Our most practical and relevant resources, so that you can apply your learning immediately to your coaching role.

INDIVIDUAL COURSES to help support your parent community

Intended to take approximately one week, our courses can be completed at your own pace. Devote as much or as little time as you have. Our most practical and relevant resources to help support parent learning in your school.

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Coaching Essentials: How to Have a Coaching Conversation

Exploring ways to have open and respectful coaching conversations centered around pedagogy.

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Our Recommended Bundles are three (3) individual courses “bundled” together for ONE price and for your convenience. If you’d like to explore a theme a little deeper, then a Recommended Bundle might be the answer for you!


Our Recommended Bundles are three (3) individual courses “bundled” together for ONE price and for your convenience. If you’d like to explore a theme a little deeper, then a Recommended Bundle might be the answer for you!

We offer packages for teams of educators that want to take an online course and leverage the power of working as a team to collaborate and learn together. We will work with your school to customize a course, or grouping of courses, to make sure your PD accomplishes what you need it to.

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Our Premium Bundles are six (6) individual courses “bundled” together for ONE price and for your convenience. Now you can really delve deeper into a particular topic as a self-paced option OR we also offer opportunities during the academic year to earn clock hours and/or credits with an experienced and passionate facilitator.


Our Premium Bundles are six (6) individual courses “bundled” together for ONE price and for your convenience. Now you can really delve deeper into developing and/or establishing a Parent Learning Program for your parent community.

What our customers say

We worked closely with the Eduro team to create and tailor the instructional coaching course to meet our individual school’s needs. We had a cohort of about 15-17 heads of department, coordinators, and a counselor who took the 8-week course together as a middle-leadership cohort team. It enabled us to build the capacity within leaders who have a responsibility in their job description that reads: “[coaching] teachers in instructional techniques and methods.?This was an opportunity for us to delve into the coaching expectations and outcomes at our school. As a result of taking this course together, we developed a coaching executive team that is putting into action what we learned and developed during the course. So the exciting part is that we did a lot of the work and planning all through last school year during, and after, the course, and then we came back to school this year and started implementing those ideas and putting them into practice.

In terms of the course format, I liked the way the course was organized. The expectations were really reasonable and very practical, with a simple formula of relevant readings, videos, and resources, combined with an actionable task to put learning into practice. The readings and resources were really motivational and interesting, and then the discussion in the forums would push me to the next level, to help to synthesize the readings. The best part was the practical experience, which required me to engage with a colleague and practice each week the various stages of the coaching cycle.

The course gave me an opportunity to work with a colleague in a way that I hadn’t before. I didn’t really work with colleagues in this capacity prior to that and it really opened up the whole idea of what a would mean, and what it would feel like, to coach a colleague. That coaching relationship revealed, even though I was officially doing the coaching, that I was also growing while learning about myself as a communicator, a coach, a listener, and a questioner.”

Christina Botbyl

PK- 12 Curriculum Coordinator American International School Kuwait

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for The Coach Microcredential!

Cohort starts May 1, 2018!

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An academic-year-long online mentorship program includes 26 weeks of course content learning (divided into 8 key themes for successful instructional coaching) which enable you to immediately implement your learning within your own school setting.

Strengthen your coaching practice by building your own customized coaching toolkit;
Skyrocket and hone your leadership skills to become a more confident instructional leader in your school;
Accelerate your professional growth with a personalized and connected community; and
Transform student and teacher learning through the use of technology.

What our current microcredential participants say

This is one of the most relevant and robust PD programs I have participated in. The curation of resources and information alone is worth it! I love learning and connecting and learning with others in similar roles all over the world has been invigorating. However, the mentoring piece of the program is my favorite and for my learning style, invaluable! My mentor responds quickly with answers and provides additional resources and links. She makes herself available and supports me in what I am needing at the time.

Jennifer Chambers

Instructional Tech Facilitator

It’s a fresh, flexible, and adaptable program that changes your perspective on what you can do in the classroom. Not only is the micro-credential taught by international educators who have their finger on the pulse of innovation and best practice but the cohorts are also made up of teachers all over the globe who share their own diverse set of experiences. You’ll quickly see the benefits once you start to grow your PLN, make authentic connections, and sharpen your communication and collaboration skills.

Nick Garvin

International School Educator

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