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for The 1:1 Teacher Microcredential!

Registration opens 23 July 2018

Cohort starts 10 September 2018

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The 1:1 Teacher

This academic-year-long online mentorship program includes 24 weeks of course content learning (divided into 4 key themes for a 1:1 learning environment ) which enable you to immediately implement your learning within your own school setting. Highly experienced and approachable mentors provide ongoing support via weekly emails, regular video conference meetings, and forum feedback.

Completing this microcredential will:

  • Strengthen your classroom management skills to keep the focus on the learning in a 1:1 (technology-rich) classroom;
  • Enable you to become an expert designer of authentic purposeful technology-rich experiences for your students;
  • Transform your classroom learning environment so that you are engaging students as content creators, not just consumers; and
  • Empower you so that you can empower your students to be digital literacy advocates to successfully navigate our media-rich world.

Each course includes video lessons, a selection of highly curated resources, and an action task for participants to complete, along with an opportunity to reflect in our private community forums. The microcredential culminates in a personal project which is customized for each participant’s individual goals and needs.

In order to provide a highly customized deep learning experience, our micro credentials are offered only once a year and follow a cohort model. This allows each participant to determine the order of the courses they take, while still building a learning community of like-minded educators within our private discussion forums.

Because we are a global company, we know that our participants are in a variety of time zones, so you can complete the coursework whenever is convenient to you and connect with your mentor at times that work for both of you. In general, we recommend that you anticipate 5 hours of learning time per week.

The 1:1 Teacher Microcredential is designed for teachers in a 1:1 or similar technology-rich environment who want to cultivate deep learning experiences that maximize pedagogy and digital tools. Courses can be taken for re-certification credit to be applied towards teacher license renewal (in the US), or simply for professional growth. Participants receive a certificate of completion that can be used for future job applications to demonstrate their extensive technology-rich environment knowledge and experience.



Our Premium Mentor, Jeff Utecht, explains more about The 1:1 Teacher Microcredential, the customized content and deep learning opportunities, the setting of your own personal goals plus what else you can expect during this academic-year-long program.


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Meet Your Mentors!

Watch the video introduction to learn more about your mentors

Jeff Utecht

Mentor, Premium Package

“I very excited about the 1:1 Teacher Microcredential. I’ve been involved in many 1:1 initiatives and roll-out programs and am looking forward to sharing my expertise with you! ”

More about Jeff…

To Be Announced Soon!!

Mentor, Academy Package


Get a Preview of What You’ll Learn

Google Documents allows you to create, edit and collaborate with others – but there are many more features that you and/or your students may not know about.

In this FREE digital download we share 10 features of google documents that all students should know.

What Our Other Microcredential Participants Have to Say …

It’s always worth to spend money for professional development. The outcome and the learning depend on your effort and willingness to dig deeper. I like that Eduro Learning gives me a curation of different and reliable resources. The options regarding the action tasks give a lot of room for personification and with this ownership of your learning. It’s an advantage to learn from educators who are experienced and very knowledgeable.

Verena Zimmer

Educational Technology Coach, The Coach Microcredential Program

The microcredential experience with Eduro Learning has been fabulous. I have learned many strategies to help connect myself and my students to the world. The information that is shared in the course is relevant and the coursework provides opportunities to try out your new learning in the classroom. The courses have really pushed me as an educator and helped me find ways to improve my teaching. I’m looking forward to continuing to connect myself and my classroom with the world!

Caitlin North

Grade 5 Teacher, The Connected Teacher Microcredential Program

It’s a fresh, flexible, and adaptable program that changes your perspective on what you can do in the classroom. Not only is the micro-credential taught by international educators who have their finger on the pulse of innovation and best practice but the cohorts are also made up of teachers all over the globe who share their own diverse set of experiences. You’ll quickly see the benefits once you start to grow your PLN, make authentic connections, and sharpen your communication and collaboration skills.

Nick Garvin

International School Educator, The Coach Microcredential Program

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The Premium/Academy 1:1 Teacher registration will open July 23, 2018!
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Don’t need a mentor?
Our Self-Paced Option is available for purchase at any time!


Click the I’M INTERESTED button below to let us know!

There’s no obligation to register your interest!
This will help us keep you in the loop for our next cohort – plus you’ll get great updates on the learning happening in our current cohort so you can see a preview of what you’ll learn!

Want to know more, but not sure about the full Microcredential?

What is a Microcredential?

Download this no obligation, FREE informative PDF that explains exactly what Microcredentials are PLUS five reasons why Microcredentials are the future of Education!

This 24+ page digital download contains a linked short video (so you know exactly what to look for); lesson plans for K-12; a printable for use during lessons & a list of kid-friendly search engines, all in one handy resource that you can download right now!


Check out Premium Mentor, Jeff, sharing some of his top tips for managing devices in the 1:1 Classroom. 

Our YouTube channel is full of gems from strategies for keeping students on task, to making any unit technology-rich to ideas for setting up your classroom learning management system.
It’s all out there for you, free!

Not QUITE Ready for a 1-Year Commitment?

This break-out course content can be purchased separately. You won’t have access to a mentor, but you will get to investigate the content offered in these courses, see the video lessons for the course you purchase, access the associated resources, and participate in our private forums. Bonus! You can even see the conversations in the forums from previous course participants to get an idea of the kinds of learning that happens during the Microcredential cohorts.


Fake News and the Responsibility to be Digital Literate

Learn how to build those positive coaching relationships while also making sure that your coaching partner feels valued and respected.


Teaching with Google Classroom

3 courses bundled together for your convenience at one price!
Course 1: Introduction to Google Classroom
Course 2: Getting Started with Google Classroom
Course 3: Google Classroom: Beyond the Basics

FEATURED Premium Bundle

Coding and Design

6 courses bundled together for your convenience at one price!
Explore several ways of thinking about complex problems and their solutions so that you can create an impact project for students that incorporates elements of design thinking and/or app design practices.

Ready to Get Started?

The Courses

Learn more about each course in this Microcredential. Courses are listed in our recommended order, but you can choose to take them in any order.

Pedagogical Approaches for the 1:1 Classroom


Developing a deeper understanding of the pedagogical approaches for the 1:1 classroom.

After completing this course, participants will …

  • understand the power of project-based learning in technology rich environments
  • create learning opportunities that challenge students to innovate, solve problems and/or collaborate with others;
  • understand the value of sharing with an authentic audience
  • be able to identify opportunities within their classroom for students to share their learning
  • use collaborative tools to expand students’ authentic, real-world learning experiences by engaging virtually with others;
  • have a variety of strategies to be a lead learner when it comes to technology in the classroom as well as feel confident with new technology tools.

Digital Citizenship For Educators


Uncover a variety of ways to help students protect, balance and respect themselves so that you can easily integrate digital citizenship in your classroom.

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of digital literacy in our world today, the concepts of empathy and resilience and why it’s so critical for students to practice these skills
  • Teach students how to decipher between fake and reliable sources;
  • Teach students how to effectively and respectfully communicate in both digital and physical
  • Connect your class with another class or expert from around the world;
  • Evaluate existing AUPs/RUPs and identify policies and procedures that are currently stifling student creativity;
  • Create an environment that encourages empowerment;
  • Compare various viewpoints and arguments for privacy and protection online;
  • Determine appropriate ways to share learning within the classroom with students;
  • Emphasize the importance of meaningful digital citizenship integration; and
  • Identify ways that Digital Citizenship can be consistently and meaningfully integrated into the

Google Suite for Education in the Classroom


How to get the most out of Google Apps in a 1:1 classroom environment.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Search more effectively;
  • Create a site using Google Sites;
  • Understand the power of cloud-based organizational tools such as Google Calendars;
  • Understand the power of cloud-based collaboration using Google Docs;
  • Understand how Google Gmail is different from other e-mail clients;
  • Analyze and evaluate web-based search results; and
  • Be able to implement the use of Google Apps in the classroom.

Teaching Critical Literacy in a Multimedia World


Uncover and explore the tools and strategies that can help students apply critical literacy skills to the multimedia world they inhabit.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply elements of critical literacy to the many forms of digital communication we use daily;
  • Develop and apply strategies of critical literacy with students to enable their analysis of the digital media they consume and produce;
  • Help students detect bias/purpose/agenda in news and other media;
  • Support student analysis of credibility, bias, and fact in research;
  • Provide students with the tools to critically analyze social media – its purpose, agenda, and effects; and
  • Regularly reflect and share learning through course communication tools

Personal Project


An exciting opportunity to create and action a relevant project that consolidates and shares all the understanding and skills learned throughout the 1:1 Teacher Microcredential.

After completing this course, participants will have

  • designed, developed and implemented a personal project that impacts student learning using the understandings learned during The 1:1 Teacher Microcredential.

Official Certificate of Completion

Pricing and Course Options

Not sure which package is right for you? We have a range of options to best suit your needs and requirements.

All options include premium content designed for teachers by teachers in a convenient, online format.


Details can be found in our FAQs section.

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Do you have a payment plan option for the microcredential programs?

Yes we do!  The Honor, Academy and Premium options all have a payment plan option. When a microcredential program is open for purchase you can choose:

  • Payable over 2 months (20% non-refundable initial deposit required)
  • Payable over 3 months (10% non-refundable initial deposit required)

The details of the payment plans can be found on each of the microcredential pages when the microcredential is open for registration.

Can I purchase for two or more at once?

Yes! We can arrange an invoice payment so that you can purchase for two or more people at one time.  This also means we can organize each person with their own separate login details.

Please use our Group Registration to send us the details so Raena, our Director of Business & Operations can get in touch with you to begin the payment & registration process! 

What are the start and the end dates for the Microcredentials?

The Coach Microcredential is currently closed. Please register your interest for this microcredential on The Coach Microcredential so that we can let you know when registration re-opens for the next cohort!

Registration for the 1:1 Teacher Microcredential opens July 23, 2018. The cohort begins on September 10, 2018. All the details are on The 1:1 Teacher Microcredential 

The Connected Teacher Microcredential registration opens in November.  You can register your interest for this microcredential on The Connected Teacher Microcredential so that we can let you know when registration opens.

What is the approximate time commitment required?

You can expect to spend between 3-5 hours (approximately) per week with course work. 

Do I have to take the courses in order?

Each Microcredential program page is set out with a recommended order to take the courses. However, you can customize the order in which you take the courses to suit your own needs and/or time constraints.

Although we do not recommend it, you can take several courses at once.

What happens if I don't finish all the course work?

Premium or Academy Package
If you are completing a Microcredential course for credit and you don't finish all the course work before the end of the academic year for your cohort then you automatically drop down to Honor Level and you will not receive credit. You will still have access to the material for a total of one (1) year from the cohort start date.

Honor Package  
You will still have access to the course material for a total of one (1) year from the cohort start date. 

Are course credits and/or clock hours available?

Course credits and/or clock hours (through Heritage / Antioch University) are only available in the Premium and Academy package options.  They are not available in the Honor package option.

Which package option is right for me?

The Microcredentials are available via three (3) package options:  Premium; Academy; Honour.

Check our handy Comparison Table if you're not sure which option and features are best for you.

How do I get my 1:1 appointment with my mentor?

Once the Microcredential program is underway, it’s up to you to make the appointment with your mentor for a time convenient for you and your mentor. (Premium & Academy option only)


How private are your private communities?

Our online courses are known for their embedded community forums. We often ask you to share private information about challenges, difficulties, and successes to help move forward in learning. In order to build a trusting and safe space for professional growth, we have a confidentiality policy for all our online courses.

Can I take another Microcredential when I'm finished one?

Of course!  Each Microcredential has a different lens through which your learning can be customized to best fit your needs and your teaching environment. We'd love to help and support you through a Microcredential pathway of learning.

If there's a Microcredential you think we should offer ..... send us your suggestion via our Contact Us Form or to - we'd love to hear from you!

Can I transfer my payment to another educator?

Registration may be transferred to another person free of charge up to 10 days before the start of the course. Thereafter a $25 fee may be applied.

The new participant will be automatically enrolled in the course that the original participant. The new participant will be required to update any demographic information as appropriate.

To request a transfer, please send the full name and email address of both the original participant and the new participant to with the subject line "Course Registration Transfer".

What is your refund policy?

Please refer to our Service Agreement Terms and Conditions for full details.


What is your cancellation policy?

In the unlikely event of the cancellation of a Microcredential Program, before it's official start date, due to circumstances beyond our control, participants will have the option of:

  • transferring to another microcredential program;
  • transferring to the next cohort of the same program;
  • receive a 100% refund of registration fees 
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